openforbusIt’s a scary thing, starting something new.  Especially when it’s something as personal as cooking for another family.  I cooked for several families a year ago and loved the experience of sharing my passion, providing meals with integrity and amazing ingredients, but I was cooking menus that I wanted to cook and not necessarily providing my clients the service they needed.  Now, I’m incorporating my client’s preferences and making that the priority while highlighting natural ingredients and cooking seasonally which translates to a great product and service they will love.

I had the opportunity to cook for several events over the past summer and I love the energy of planning, executing, trouble shooting and ultimately seeing the event evolve, until there’s nothing to do but smile and enjoy.   Knowing that I was a small part in creating that experience and seeing the gratitude on my client’s face – I loved that!

I have also wanted to teach cooking classes and offer cooking parties since last March, when a friend approached me with an idea that I do a cooking class for her birthday party at her house.  It was so much fun introducing people to new ingredients, cooking techniques, and knife skills while cooking a delicious meal.  An outside of the classroom setting made it less intimidating and more intimate.

So why now?  I can’t think of a better time.  The kids are getting older and are semi-self sufficient, I want to contribute to my family, and I have something to offer that I think is of great value.

They say if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.  This doesn’t feel like work.

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