September is always bittersweet for me.  All the summer fruits and veggies that I’ve been gorging on is coming to an END, not to mention the end of BBQ season (although I’ve been known to grill in the rain) and I don’t want to think about what I’ll do without the crisp white and rose wines, and my love of Moscow Mules (it might be the copper mugs)!  But the cooler weather has its upside, ROASTing season!  I got a little ahead of myself and took advantage of the chill in the air by roasting a pork tenderloin and some roma tomatoes from my garden.


Make the paste with garlic, rosemary, thyme and fennel seeds – mash them all together


Rub the pork tenderloin with the herb paste and wrap with bacon and put into a pan with veggies and garlic around the pork, add rosemary sprigs, salt and pepper.  Roast 400 deg for 30-35 min, until temp reaches 165 deg.


Make a pan sauce from the drippings in the pans.  Deglaze the pan with sherry and a drizzle of heavy cream.  Once the sauce is done, slice the pork tenderloin and divide among plates.  To serve, drizzle evoo and a few twists of the pepper mill.


Roast romas cut side up in a glass baking dish – same time as the roast, with evoo and salt and pepper


Drizzle good evoo and balsamic vinegar top with chopped basil and shaved parmesan, salt and pepper – serve with Italian bread

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