If you have always wanted to learn cooking basics or just want to learn how to make a certain dish, a cooking class is a fun way to get started.

Individual / Group Classes
In the privacy of your own home, you can have a hands-on cooking class tailored for you or your group addressing any of the cooking techniques in the Cooking Series, any dish from the Menu tab or a cuisine you have been wanting to try.  I will teach knife skills, ingredient prep, cooking techniques, timing, and plating and at the end of class you are left with a delicious meal for you to enjoy.

Cooking Series
Learn the basics in this cooking series.  In the course of 8 weeks we will cover stocks and broth, classic sauces, braising, pastries, steaming/poaching and boiling, grilling and broiling, roasting and baking, sautéing and frying.

Contact me to get started, nicole.vedder@gmail.com, 503-805-1062