Welcome to eNVy kitchen. I’m NV—Nicole Vedder—and I am passionate about cooking delicious meals using seasonal, natural or organic ingredients. The only time that I am out of my kitchen is when I’m out shopping for fresh, natural ingredients, or playing tennis.

A little background on me. I am not a professional chef. Although I grew up watching my mom cook, I didn’t grow up cooking.  Food is a huge part of our Korean culture, and as I got older I tried to cook, but it didn’t feel natural or intuitive and recipes made me dizzy – long lists of foreign ingredients and a multitude of confusing steps.

When I got married, we were the typical newlyweds, we ate out more often than not and a “night in” consisted of boiled pasta topped with grocery store jarred sauce with “cheese” from the green canister and a side salad of iceberg lettuce with Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Then, my husband gave me a “gift” certificate for an Essential Cooking series at a local cooking school and kitchen store. There I learned to read through the recipe, the importance of “mise en place,” which means “putting in place” in French or setting up ingredients before they are needed, and most importantly to cook intuitively, using all of my senses.  What started as a necessity grew into an obsession.  I poured over cookbooks from The Escoffier to Rachel Ray’s 30 minute Meals and subscribed to every food magazine. I loved trying to recreate restaurant meals from my taste memory.

After we had kids, I started examining our food supply, questioning how we ate and what we ate, choosing natural ingredients over processed, seeking out local ingredients when available and cooking seasonally.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have the abundant bounty of the Northwest, amazing farmers markets, and access to local artisanal foods that all contribute to my love of food and cooking.  Sharing meals with family and friends is my passion.

I want to share what I have learned and provide busy families with delicious fresh homemade meals using natural, organic and local ingredients. I am also excited to offer individual or group cooking classes, help you host fun cooking parties as well as provide delicious food by catering for your special events. Take a look at the services tab or contact me for more details, nicole.vedder@gmail.com, 503-805-1062.

Bon Appetite!